The Great Houses of Westeros Personality (Part 1)


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Hey guys! It has been so long since my last post. Now I just want to write about Game of Thrones. I mean can you believe it?! Daenerys has finally arrived at Westeros. A moment we are all have been waiting for ever since this show started. The same can be said for Jon Snow, the current King in the North. Somehow, we knew from Season 1 that he is someone special. Someone that possess the key for the storyline. And yes, he truly is! At this point of the show, they have revealed the key players, which is Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, the Stark Siblings, and some minor groups such as Brotherhood without Banners. Those who are not the key players are now mostly defeated, obliterated, or have allied themselves with the key players.

Still, the seven kingdoms stand with its great houses. And these houses have played cardinal roles in the history of the seven kingdoms. With the unique historical backgrounds and definitely some unique traits that they are well known for. This will be the first three houses that I will describe.



As one of the most powerful house claiming the Lion sigil, House Lannister are known to have an extraordinary political ability, regal appearance, clever scheming minds, and intimidating charisma. But the best of all: they are the richest house in the land since their empyrean seat, The Casterly Rock is actually the largest goldmine. In fact, this is the primary reason why King Robert Baratheon married Cersei Lannister in the first place.

They have the best military minds and clever political strategies. But their cardinal strengths came from their extreme ruthlessness. Remember the Red Wedding where Tywin Lannister orchestrated the massacre of House Stark and Northern Bannermen? Or… the annihilation of almost every Tyrells and Septons during the Sept of Baelor explosion orchestrated by Cersei? Yeah. Many other houses can play the chess and follow the rules. But House Lannister? They can easily flip the f****ng table.

All these abilities are topped with their ambitious nature. But this does not mean that all Lannisters are heartless. Take Tyrion for example. While he inherited the brain of his father, he is soft toward the weak, unlike his father and sister. Jaime Lannister also show his soft side during his time with Brienne of Tarth.

Their word is “Hear Me Roar” but they are famous for saying “Lannister always pay his debts” which means they will repay whatever injustice being imposed on them. As the richest house, this phrase also means they never forget their financial debts.



House Tyrell’s sigil, Golden Rose with the words “Growing Strong” actually represent their main personality. They will plant some seeds and may appear as harmless and charming at first. As the time goes, they will slowly but surely grows into something bigger and bigger until their roots stick with their host. As they have grown strong, they are able to destroy everything as they please. Like some thorny plants that can destroy even a fortress when they outgrew it.

Like a rose petal, the Tyrells may appear as sweet hearted, graceful, pretty, alluring, and caring. But beneath this persona, they possess sharp thorns which can effectively kill. They are actually extremely cunning, politically-savvy, manipulative, and ruthless.

Their empyrean seat, The Highgarden is best known as the fertile lands and is the main source of food in Westeros. As one of their best political tactics, the Tyrells allure the commoners into thinking how kindhearted they are by providing them with foods and supplies. However, those commoners often do not realize that the Tyrells are the one who starve them in the first place.

But their best political move ever? The poisoning of King Joffrey Baratheon of course.



The sigil of House Martell is a red sun with yellow spear which signifies the marriage between two of its earliest founder, Nymeria (the red sun) and Mors Martell (the yellow spear). Their empyrean seat, Sunspear, is sorrounded with harsh environment which makes House Martell one of the most difficult House to be invaded by Westerosi. In fact, their words, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” just represent this. the Martells have never been conquered by any other houses, even in the times of Aegon Targaryen who successfully conquered the other six kingdoms in Westeros. When the Martells finally joined the seven kingdoms, it was not by conquest, but by marriage.

House Martell perhaps is most famous for their liberal values. They do not care whether a male or female be the heir of their house, they uphold the notion of equality by addressing the leaders not as king but as mere prince, and they do not place stigma toward those born as bastards. Most interestingly, they are the ones who embrace pleasure and lust instead of denying these which is quite opposite to any other houses in Westeros. This includes pleasure of promiscuous behavior as well as homosexual sex.

The Martells are also known as their mastery over poisons. Since snake is also their symbol, it is hardly surprising. Oberyn Martell (also known as The Red Viper) imbued the poisons in his spear to defeat his enemies. His wife, Ellaria Sand and his daughters, the Sand Snakes are also known to be the expert in poisons.

All of those traits actually signifies the Martells’ respect for nature. They embrace the natural lust, equality, and pleasure along with the natural weapons of nature, poison.


Why Some People Fear Death while Others Do Not?


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I will be quite straightforward. Because death is the end of everything about you: all you have known, all your memories, all your experiences. What is the point going through the days of our life, learning, if… one day we will die anyway?

Well for some, death are chilling beyond beliefs. Even when we do not know when we will die, the fact that it will happen anytime may deeply paralyzing. The question is: why?

According to terror management theory (Greenberg, Solomon, & Pyszczynski, 1986; see: Terror management theory – Wikipedia), thoughts about death are the inevitable consequence of the highly evolved human cognition. This sophistication leads us to grasp the inevitability of death. Consequentially, this creates anxiety and terror for us. What is the meaning for all my life if I am going to end anyway? Luckily, our societies are well-equipped to answer this meaninglessness. They provided cultural worldviews that function as buffer to reduce our anxieties. Religion, political identities, science, career-climbing tracks, achievements, etc. are among the examples. For instance, major religion gave us the view that our kindness will be paid in the afterlife (they even gave us the notion that we are immortal after all). As for another example, our societies gave us the view that our hard work will be paid in terms of good fortune, achievements, and self-worth. This, will form an impression that we are not so mortal after all. For these people: “see… our life has meaning!”

So why for some people, death is not so paralyzing? Simple. Their worldview has already buffered the anxiety and fear. But when their worldview is taken from them? Well…

Taken from my Quora Answer:

Game of Thrones Fan Theory: What Will Happen in Season 7?


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What I think will happen to the major houses in Game of Thrones season 7:
House Lannister
Cersei Lannister has secured her place as a queen, but it was the beginning of an end. Her recent political move literally made her the most hated ruler of Westeros. She has no support from the people and from any other houses in Westeros. Even House Tyrell, the Lannisters’ most formidable ally has already pledged its alliance to House Targaryen. House Frey? LOL. However, we shouldn’t underestimate Cersei. Not when she has lost all her children. I imagine Cersei will become very ‘evil queen’-like in the next season, killing everyone who approach King’s Landing with wildfires. We also have no idea to what extent Qyburn’s researches will help Cersei and her military might. We already knew The Mountain has became an undead thanks to him.
House Stark
This will be interesting. While Jon Snow was declared King in the North, he lacks political skills which are essential to play the game of thrones. For now, the Lannisters, Ironborns (Euron Greyjoy), and White Walkers are not his primary enemy. He should worry more about Littlefinger. Sansa Stark, with her current political competence will help Jon dealing with this matter I assume. But Littlefinger should never be underestimated. Not when he can easily switch his alliance to Cersei Lannister. Now the most interesting part is the return of Bran Stark. He knew that Jon is not his own half-brother which made Jon’s entire legitimacy in the north invalid. Also, do not forget that Bran is the more legitimate heir to the Winterfell. Should Littlefinger grip his venom to Bran (and probably Sansa too), it will be very intriguing (I know, it will also be so unfortunate either). I am also curious about Arya Stark. Where will she take parts in here? Or will she just head straight to King’s Landing to finish her list?
House Targaryen
Once, Daenerys was just a little girl given to Dothraki Khal as a piece of meat. Now, she is a a conqueror, a queen, loved by her people. Daenerys is an ideal portrait of a ruler. She possess all good qualities of a leader. Not to mention she has Tyrion Lannister, her most reliable advisor by her side. Now, more than ever, she probably has the largest army than any houses since she conquered the entire Essos and cemented the alliance to Tyrells and Martells (hey, Varys should also get special mention too for this matter). And of course, her dragons. I nearly forgotten XD At a glance, things are going extremely well for house Targaryen. But tthere might be some twist. You know, something has been bothering me. There are many occurrences that hints Daenerys going mad. Her inner voices (in books), her advisors constantly reminding her, and her emotional streaks at times. I imagine that she will be the mad queen… Now I do not want this to happen. I love her, really. Her growth, her characters. But one thing that we should never forget is that Game of Thrones always kill the people that we love.