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Essay ini saya kutip dari tugas saya untuk mata kuliah Bahasa Inggris. Saya cukup suka sama essay ini makanya saya post disini. :D

Do you happen to know why men always think rationally while women always involved in their emotions and feelings? Or why men want sex while women need love? Men are often referred as Planet Mars; the planet which symbolizes bravery, masculinity, and agressiveness. In other hand, women are often referred as Planet Venus; the planet which symbolizes beauty, femininity, and passiveness. They are meant to be together. But in fact, Mars and Venus often collide with each other. More often than not, men are accused of being unsensitive to women’s feeling while women are accused of being unacceptable to men’s problems. Indeed, Mars and Venus seem to have so many differences that simply make them collide.

First, men are good when it comes to their visual abilities while women are good when it comes to their verbal abilities. In reversal, men are bad when it comes to their verbal abilities and women are bad when it comes to their visual abilities. This is the reason why women love gossips and men loves to tinker their vehicle or play soccer. This also the reason why most of men choose engineering as their major in university while most of women choose litterature as their major. These abilities they have came naturally since their birth and development. But because of this difference, men often collide with women. Without verbal abilities that women have, it’s hard for men to understand women’s feeling. Without visual abilities that men have, it’s hard for women to talk about vehicles, sports, or other men’s hobbies. This also the reason why we think men as rational creature and women are emotional creature.

The second reason is that men appreciate their work while women appreciate their relationship. When men’s work doesn’t seem to proceed as their expected, their relationship with women is affected in the negative way. But, when women aren’t happy with their relationship, their work is affected in the negative way. This is one of the main reasons why men often collide with women. Women value their relationship more than men so they will be dissapointed if men value their work more than their relationship. That is correct; men values their work more. This truth should be understood by women so that they don’t accuse men for being ignorant for their relationship. This also happen for men so that they know the reason why women aren’t happy with their workaholic attitude.

Third, and perhaps is the most interesting difference, is the fact that men want sex and women need love. Biologically, women’s hypothalamus (part of the brain that controls sex fantasy and stimulus) are much smaller than men. This is the reason why men can be easily stimulated visually by only the sights of female’s naked body. In this case, men have clear goal when it comes to sex: they need to make sure the continuity of human species. Sex desire for men comes naturally and there’s nothing wrong with that. Because of this, women should understand men’s motivation when it comes to sex. It’s just natural. As for women, their brain are programmed to find men that can protect them, their children, and can provide them food, safety, and love. When it comes to sex, they are not really aggressive. Scientifically, the reason behind their passiveness is that women need long time to give birth to their kids and long time to nurse their kids. So because of this, men should not demand too much sex to women because women are not really interested in that.

As we have seen, it’s true that Mars and Venus is always different. Other than the three differences mentioned above, there are many more differences. But yet, these differences should be matters we understand wisely because Mars and Venus are in fact always need each other. They should understand each other despite their common differences. Mars and Venus are meant to be together. No matter how often they collide, they are still in love and will always be in love.


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