Dear life,

Thank you for accompanying me for these past 24 years. Through the storms and the rainbows. Through the shiny days and the darkest night. Through every bumps and every straightforward roads. Even though you’ve been here with me for all these years, I feel that I haven’t cared for you very much. Well I do think and feel that you are important to me. That’s why I am interested to know about you a lot when I engaged myself in the philosophy classes and books.

But I think we have to share more than just thoughts and feelings. We have to work together for this world. You are always a gift sent to me by whatever force that is there. So now I want you to know that I want to hold your hand and bring you to the peak. Yes. The place where we can contribute for this world, where you can reach your meaning. You have taught me that this would not be easy. It requires tremendous efforts. You scolded me with failures. You rewarded me with successes. I want to promise you that I will not regard all those experiences you gave me with pessimist attitude and lazy behavior. These past times you have taught me an important lesson. A lesson to respect you very seriously.

And life, here it is. I will give you a list. This list contains the path which I want to choose for you for our journey in the next years. The days we will work hard to reach all these. So, life… I will work hard and prove you that I am capable of reaching your hopes and desires. I will conquer my impulses and strive with conscience and integrity. I need your help here. Please, always. Always reminds me that I have promised you. Please bear with me until the day we will be apart. Please remind me not to give up.

Your best friend,