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I will be quite straightforward. Because death is the end of everything about you: all you have known, all your memories, all your experiences. What is the point going through the days of our life, learning, if… one day we will die anyway?

Well for some, death are chilling beyond beliefs. Even when we do not know when we will die, the fact that it will happen anytime may deeply paralyzing. The question is: why?

According to terror management theory (Greenberg, Solomon, & Pyszczynski, 1986; see: Terror management theory – Wikipedia), thoughts about death are the inevitable consequence of the highly evolved human cognition. This sophistication leads us to grasp the inevitability of death. Consequentially, this creates anxiety and terror for us. What is the meaning for all my life if I am going to end anyway? Luckily, our societies are well-equipped to answer this meaninglessness. They provided cultural worldviews that function as buffer to reduce our anxieties. Religion, political identities, science, career-climbing tracks, achievements, etc. are among the examples. For instance, major religion gave us the view that our kindness will be paid in the afterlife (they even gave us the notion that we are immortal after all). As for another example, our societies gave us the view that our hard work will be paid in terms of good fortune, achievements, and self-worth. This, will form an impression that we are not so mortal after all. For these people: “see… our life has meaning!”

So why for some people, death is not so paralyzing? Simple. Their worldview has already buffered the anxiety and fear. But when their worldview is taken from them? Well…

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